Powerful Affordable Mobile Apps Done For Your Business!

We’re on a mission to create powerful and affordable mobile apps for all businesses. All businesses should be able to benefit from mobile app solutions.

Use our White Glove Setup and let our team build your app for you. However big or small your need, we’ll build you a beautiful mobile app that’s tailored specifically to your business needs.

powerful affordable mobile apps

2 Ways To Work With Us

Bassett Digital DIY App Builder

Build your own app on our platform using our simple templates. No coding required.

White Glove App Setup

Our team will design, build, and support an elegant app that’s tailored specifically to your business needs.

Powerful Affordable Mobile Apps Tailored For Your Unique Business Goals

Ecommerce Apps

Increase revenue per customer and customer engagement for your Shopify store.

Workforce Communications

Immediately improve engagement and compliance with capabilities only available in a mobile app.

Educational Apps

Improve communication and engagement with your students and customers.

Content Creators & Podcasters

Distribute content, engage your audience, and build your community.

Religious Organizations

Engage your congregation in a mobile-first world.

Mobile Apps for Events

Set your event apart and delight your attendees with a mobile app for your event.

Full Service Powerful Affordable Mobile Apps Development

Our team will design, build, and support an app, that’s powerful, affordable and tailored specifically to your business needs.

We can offer pricing that’s far below market rates, because we’re building on top of a platform of existing components.

powerful affordable mobile apps

So why is having a mobile app for your business so important?

I don’t think I need a mobile app; after all, my business is not a big brand. Do I need a mobile app, if I already have a website? Why should anyone spend time and money in developing it? Just hold on for a minute, if these thoughts are running in your mind. 

If you don’t have a mobile app for your organization, it implies that you are losing an opportunity for capitalizing the growing number of smartphone users. More precisely, you lack an advance organization necessity.

powerful affordable mobile apps
powerful affordable mobile apps
powerful affordable mobile apps
powerful affordable mobile apps

Want our team to build your app for you?

Our team of talented developers and designers will work one-on-one with you to take your app from idea to reality. We’ve helped all types of businesses build powerful affordable mobile apps and we’re ready to help you too!

Intuitive App Builder For Both Experienced App Makers and Beginners

If you are the type who like to get your hands dirty, try out our app builder. You can either start from a blank template to make an app from scratch. You also have the option to start with one of our templates tailored for specific purposes. Our app builder is free for the first 14 days as you build your mobile app.

powerful affordable mobile apps
powerful affordable mobile apps

You build your business, we’ll handle your app.

Most people don’t realize how much goes on behind the scenes of a well functioning mobile app. When you build an app from scratch there are hundreds of parts you’ll need to consider. Fortunately for you Bassett Digital’s platform takes care of all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what you care about most, your business.

Powerful Affordable Mobile Apps


iOS, Android & PWA


Unlimited Customisation